KIYOCAYO COMPASS is a Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize.ECO-Systems cooperative extension project initiated by the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I Embassy & Biocultural Reserve & Allied indigenous traditional communities of Cayo district Belize to warrant the revival of endangered rainforest species such as the Yucatan howler monkey. KIYO is an IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I tone that transliterates as monkey or baboon. KIYO is also rooted in the tone KAYA which transliterates as perpetual abundance, rainforest-community, or biodiversity.


Among the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I Tribal Society, monkeys/baboons are viewed as sacred beings and relative examples of nature’s highly organized biodiversity.

Spirit of the Howler Monkey

KIYOCAYO COMPASS has adopted the Yucatan Black Howler Monkey as our spirit totem. The Yucatan Black Howler Monkey is an international celebrity and distinguished resident of the Cayo rainforest community. With its distinctive howl, it holds the Guinness book of records title as the loudest land animal on Earth. We use the Yucatan Black Howler Monkey’s call as an example to raise our own voices and advocate against the deforestation and exploitation of Belizean lands and natural resources.  #GOHowlers

Compassion is Our Compass

We view compassion as an essential device for exploring and pathfinding new ways toward conscious continuity for all. Our planet-compass token represents our compassion for protecting and conserving one of the most critical rainforests on earth.


The tropical rainforest biomes throughout the tiny nation of Belize generate a large portion of the Earth's oxygen, water aquifers, and biodiversity including flora used to develop new pharmaceutical breakthroughs and fauna including insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, etc. Limited financial and technical resources administered by the Government of Belize (GOB) and subsequent inadequacies in staffing, transportation, equipment, and professional capacity make government-managed conservation and protected area security efforts an impossible challenge without the mobilization of local communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).


KIYOCAYO COMPASS is designed to orient marginalized indigenous traditional communities (ITCs) of Cayo District Belize toward new emerging opportunities in Terrestrial Ecosystem Conservation & Protection Services (TECOPS) to answer ever-increasing demands for qualified biodiversity science and security professionals throughout Belize and the Centro-America/CARICOM region. Throughout antiquity, the exploration and conservation of nature have remained an integral part of the biocultural archive of ITCs that inhabit these rainforests. Case studies have revealed the success of ITC managed conservation programs and how they can play a critical role in future climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies throughout the region.


TRIBZ.ECO-Systems recognize every citizen of Planet Earth as a significant stakeholder in this innovative project and ask for your swift action in helping us secure donations conservation land grants, funding partnerships, in-kind contributions, sponsorships, and endorsements to assist us in protecting and conserving Belize's critical terrestrial eco-systems.



KIYOCAYO COMPASS Center offers 2019 iC3 & 2020 Socialab-IDB award-winning nature exploration and conservancy programs, capacity building workshops, retreats, and special events throughout Belize and the Centro-America/CARICOM region.

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