TRIBA del SOL's Capacity Building Initiatives (CBIs) transmit a wealth of sensory and exploratory experiences that nurture collective self-determination, mental, physical & spiritual wellness for our stakeholders & project beneficiaries. All CBI curricula & methodologies are specifically designed to develop indigenous tribal learners (ITLs) into productive world citizens & civic leaders leaders who are culturally & intellectually equipped to advance UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & the long term Horizon 2030 Strategy of Belize as full partners.



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Processed food corporations are aggressively expanding into developing nations throughout the Centro-America/ CARICOM region, contributing to nutritional deficiency & increasing rates of morbid obesity & chronic illnesses such as diabetes, uterine fibrosis, gout, etc. among marginalized Indigenous Traditional Communities (ITCs).


ECOSCAN CBI is designed to disseminate dietetic nutrition knowledge & culinary skills that encourage an essential attitude and behavioral shifts that facilitate personal development & perpetuate health and wellness amongst ITCs. ECOSCAN CBI capacity-building efforts are rooted at the intersection of food production, environmental sustainability, nutrition, and holistic living.




The rapid escalation of climate change and the subsequent decline & disappearance of fragile ecological systems have placed the Centro- America/CARICOM region’s Biological Diversity under critical threat. As a result, Indigenous Traditional Communities (ITCs) throughout the region are faced with increasing challenges to their socio-economic development and full satisfaction of inherent human rights.


ICC CBI curriculum and instruction are rooted in indigenous traditions and concepts that emphasize the natural synergy between Biomimetic Design, Biocultural Preservation and Bioorganic Revolution (cycling). The ICC CBI is designed to realize non-toxic integrative bionomic infrastructure developments that cultivate an abundance of Bioorganic outputs while intrinsically perpetuating environmental resource conservation.

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Marginalized and At-Risk women and girls throughout the Centro-America/CARICOM region share common anxieties concerning daily insecurities they face to preserve their mental, physical, spiritual integrity & human dignity.


WEB CBI aims to provide sustainable opportunities that inspire & increase, self-esteem and quality of life of indigenous & marginalized women and girls.  The WEB CBI is expected to decrease knowledge & skill gaps & enable indigenous marginalized women & girls to collectively influence local decision-making.