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TRIBA del SOL resources and capacity-building efforts are focused on increasing the capabilities of indigenous women as first teachers of their societies and evolving our youth beyond the stigmas of indigence & marginalization. We utilize sustainable social entrepreneurship to explicitly engage our stakeholders & beneficiaries in our region's specialized tourism exchange.  The Global Tourism Industry's economic impact currently outpaces key global sectors (i.e., communication, financial & business services, manufacturing & retail) and generates 11.4% of global GDP ($ 9.9 trillion in 2018).





















The TRIBA del SOL community recognizes the value of our Indigenous Biocultural roots, including our respective antiquities, social structures, ancestral wisdom, and traditional stewardship of Belizean land's wildlife and natural resources.  TRIBA del SOL strategically employs our cultural & community capital to cultivate new emerging opportunities (NEO) that creatively drive & secure considerable shares of Belize's growing specialized tourism exchange.  Earned revenue generated from goods & services produced by TRIBA del SOL (i.e., cultural arts & crafts, culinary creations & bio-organic food, fiber & energy surpluses, etc.) are reinvested in our community's Capacity Building Initiatives (CBIs) & Social Enterprise Modules (SEMs) designed to proliferate wellness, educational & socioeconomic advancement and bionomic infrastructure development for the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I & Allied Indigenous Communities throughout Belize & the Centro-America/CARICOM region.  

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