The Tropical Rainforest Institute of Belize Eco-Systems (TRIBZ.ECO) is a multifaceted not for profit consortium that functions as an NGO (non-governmental organization) CBO (community based organization) and Sustainability Education Engineering Development and Science (SEEDS) school. TRIBZ.ECO is established to act as an official agency of the IKI.XI YAKU TAN-I Indigenous Traditional Community (ITC) Embassy & Biocultural Reserve for the expressed purpose of realizing the human and environmental continuity objectives expressed in the 1999 TRIBA del SOL Accords for the Proliferation & Reservation of Indigenous Ethno-cultural Societies & Territories (PRIEST).

The aims, nature and objectives of the institute directly and indirectly focus on integrative community, cultivation, construction and conservation efforts in alignment with the principles enshrined in the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all international and regional human rights treaties and instruments designed to contribute to the achievement of the global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The .eco domain symbolizes a real commitment to action for our planet. It was designed by environmental groups for people who care. 

TRIBZ.ECO values strong work ethics and our staff works tirelessly towards progressing our objectives: Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Tropical Rainforests and other fragile ecological systems are disappearing. Biocultural heritage (i.e.: plant, animal, human etc.) is threatened with extinction and indigenous traditional communities (ITCs) that inhabit territories that customarily sustain 99% of Earths genetic resources are being disrupted & marginalized. Much of the consultation regarding agricultural, biomedical & environmental sciences, used to source university research, scientific textbooks & bio-pharmaceutical breakthroughs worldwide has to date been provided by indigenous traditional communities (ITCs) that freely shared their knowledge and consequentially found themselves indigent and subject to the inequitable distribution of benefits. As concerned conservationists, parents and members of indigenous traditional communities througout the Centro-America/CARICOM region, we are fully aware of the urgency of now and we are focused on deploying all the resources at our disposal to ensure that future generations are no longer burdened by the stigmas of indigence and marginalization.

Oxaku Tehu Kax'Oxo II PhD, EdD




The TRIBZ.ECO team is made up of specialists in environmental engineering, biodiversity management, curriculum & community development etc., Our team members are culturally & professionally connected to our stakeholder’s interests and beneficiaries’ needs, highly competent and motivated to share 30+ years of international experience executing successful military & civilian sustainability initiatives.

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Connect to TRIBZ.ECO-System to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

BZ +011 (501) 650-6031  /USA +001 (914) 4TRIBZ9



0 COMPASS COURT Cristo Rey Village

P.O. Box 299 San Ignacio Cayo District Belize Central America


BZ +011 (501) 650-6031  USA +001 (914) 4TRIBZ9


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